Our Process

Our process is centred around you and your experience. The home renovation business is complex, and if it’s not managed correctly, it can be costly.


1. Get to know you

Once we have established that our company can help you, our process starts with the first meeting at your home. We will discuss the frustrating aspects of your house, layout challenges, and your ideal design, layout, and feel. We need to know your pain so we can find a solution.
With your budget in mind, we will know what direction to take to satisfy your needs. The first meeting lasts around 60 minutes. By the end of our meeting, we will know if we are a good fit for each other and see if we can help you.

2. Sign the pre-construction agreement

During the next phase, both parties sign a contract that initiates Revision Built’s design efforts, a necessary step to build your detailed scope of work. The time it takes to complete this phase depends on the project size, but you can usually expect it to take 30 – 90 days. Timely and open communication is vital to keep this phase moving along. We will guide you through this process to reduce potential ‘selection fatigue.’

3. Define the scope

Once the design and scope are complete, we meet at our showroom to review the design and discuss the details. This step is important because your feedback and input will further the direction we take, depending on your budget. At this time we will have a preliminary estimate ready for your consideration.

4. Refine the design

We meet again to review the finalized specification sheet, the package cost, the schedule, and other deliverables. During this exercise, we iron out all the details and answer any questions you have. We will review our construction contract and drawings to understand your project thoroughly. Then we sign the contract, a document that spells out the terms and conditions, payment and construction schedule, and other details to ensure no surprises.

5. Get to work

Once you have moved out of your home, we will do a walk-through together with the demolition crew and take ‘before’ pictures. Once it is safe to do so, we get to work deconstructing your house carefully. We have established your point of communication (the project manager) and put the schedule in play by this time.

The Difference

  • We Dedicate extra time to fully understand you and take detailed notes to ensure we remember everything.
  • We Use cloud-based, user-friendly software to manage our process, keeping everything in one place. You can log in whenever you like and get immediate updates to keep track of your project so you don’t miss a beat.
  • We Communicate clearly what happened, what is happening, and what will happen during our weekly or bi-weekly meetings.
  • We Maintain strong relationships with our trade partners and vendors, ensuring that you get your products and services fast.
  • We Offer uncompromising attention to detail with the final result in mind.
  • We Understand the value of delivering your finished project within budget and on time.

Sustainable practices –
There are three main areas of concern that we address:

1) Energy use,
2) Manufacture of products (where and how)
3) Waste management.
That you place your trust in us to design & manage the deconstruction and rebuilding of your home is a great responsibility that we take seriously.


The availability of specialized apps and software geared toward the home renovation and construction industry has made everything from communication to scheduling to financials one tap away. Everything happens in one place, making the process as seamless as possible.

My colleague at work recommended Revision Built as a company for home renovation. I had hired them to do various home repairs over the past several years. The first time I called Revision Built, I immediately felt at ease upon meeting the company representative. One of the jobs they did was to identify and repair a problem area where water was leaking in through my foundation wall. Other companies I called in could not even identify the problem. The repairs gave me peace of mind at a fair price. The workers were all very polite. They also left the working area very clean.

Helen Hongyan, Kanata North