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Frederick Place Addition

What they did for the addition:

  • General Contracting
  • Construction
  • Sub-Trade and Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Consultation and Advice
  • Liaison with Architect and Engineer

The owners of this home were having to deal with generations of squirrels living in their attic, chewing support beams and electrical wiring. There were many entry points in this home, and the wood soffit and siding did not offer much in the way of protection from the creatures. The owners also wanted to create more living space so that friends and relatives could come and stay with them and be comfortable.

The owners hired an architect to design a new third floor addition to accomplish their goals, and they hired Revision Built to carry out the demolition and construction.

After demolition, we found that the squirrels had indeed been damaging the building, with some collar ties and rafters chewed extensively. We even found a skeleton of a squirrel beside some bare wire that they had chewed through. We also found virtually no insulation.

As you can see from the pictures, the renovation is a resounding success! We worked closely with the engineer and architect to add form and function to this 1940’s house, and with the use of closed cell insulating foam and triple glazed windows, and with the house facing south west, the third floor addition only needs supplementary heat on the coldest days and at night in the wintertime. Revision Built exceeded the owners’ expectations, and three years later, they are still raving about their new space!

To read more about this project, see this article in the Ottawa Citizen.