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Overbrook Restoration and Home Renovation

The project at Glynn Avenue proved to be a challenging renovation. Our clients were looking for an affordable second home in Ottawa. They... Read more

The Hard Truth About (some) Qualified Contractors…

I had a very interesting chat today with a valued client.  The subject was trust. It's a big word. My client (let's call her Mary)... Read more

How to Complete a Successful Renovation

Aren’t renovations fun? You just signed a contract, committed to investing tens of thousands of dollars and many weeks of disruption for... Read more

5 Ways to Avoid Costly Mistakes on Your Renovation

I have seen it play out time and again: Home owners who move ahead with renovation projects before the planning and preparation are... Read more

Introducing: Revision Built

We have spent more than 15 years committed to realizing our clients’ visions for their homes. Whether additions or large scale... Read more

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